The Evil Attorney
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Aggressive California Contingency Debt Collection and Judgement Enforcement.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid! We may be Evil, but we’re on your side. Let us do what we do best:

Collect Your Debts!

Fewer Accounts
+ Greater Detail
= Bigger Client Remittances

The Evil Attorney is an accredited and State Bar Licensed collections attorney. Debt Collection is our area of expertise and representation of Californians trying to collect debts is our specialty.


Legal services for Debt Collection offered by the Evil Attorney include the following. Contact us for more info

» Collections Litigation

» Enforcement of Judgements

» Regular Levies

» Unusual Levies

» Earnings Withholding Orders

» Post-Judgment Discovery

» Artful Negotiations

» Domestication of "Sister-State" Judgements

» Order for Examination or "OR-APP"

» Liens and More Liens!

Before you resort to battle, you need an arsenal of weapons...

» Fast Turnaround on Writs of Execution

» Memorandum of Costs and Interest

» Judgment Renewal

» Motion to Amend Judgment

» Full Skip-Tracing Capabilities

» Credit Reports & Secret Weapons

» In-House Attorney

» Turn Over Order in Aid of Execution

» Filing of "Judgment Liens" in California Counties

If you need legal assistance recovering your debt claims, contact us today »
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