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Legal services provided by the Evil Attorney:

Collections Litigation  If negotiations don't get you paid, "hard-core" legal action can. We can litigate most California debts, including unpaid accounts receivables & business debts, defaulted promissory notes and the most unusual debts.
Enforcement of Judgements  Wage garnishment, bank account levies, rent levies, automobile levies, turnover orders, debtor examinations, execution on spousal property and more. The Evil Attorney« often uses some of the following enforcement of judgment remedies.
Regular Levies  What assets do they have? We'll go after it! We can sell most debtors' assets through the local Sheriff, including vehicles, real estate, stock certificates & shares, and almost anything else of value.
Unusual Levies  Not only do we levy bank accounts, we can levy on third-party debts owed to the Defendant, such as rental income, promissory notes & accounts receivables, royalties, and licensing fees, and almost any other money payable to the debtor.
Earnings Withholding Orders  They have wages? Let's have them work for you for a change - we can turn your judgment into an earnings withholding order! This can often include their spouse's wages under California community property laws.
Post-Judgment Discovery  Your right to perform "discovery" and serve discovery demands on the Defendant does not end when the judgment is entered. There are numerous post-judgment discovery rights.
Artful Negotiations  Once aggressive collection has their attention, skillful negotiation puts you in the best possible position.
Domestication of "Sister-State" Judgements  Was your judgment issued by a Court outside California? We can "domesticate" your judgment - your out-of-state judgments become enforceable in California!
Order for Examination or "OR-APP"  As part of your post-judgment discovery rights, the Evil Attorney« can obtain a court order requiring the appearance of the Defendant in court for a special "deposition" where the Evil Attorney« can ask questions about t
Liens and More Liens!  We can create a "judgment lien" on the Defendant real property. This prevents them from selling or refinancing their property without satisfying your judgment. The Evil Attorney« can also create a lien on their person property filed

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